Being blind is no barrier for Noel

Noel Thatcher is one of the most successful athletes Britain has ever produced, with 42 gold medals from six Paralympics and other major championships.

In this article on the 16th July 2011 Noel talks about helping those who haven’t been so fortunate as an ambassador for the Seeing is Believing Campaign.









Paralympics ‘Can top main games’

AS THE second round of Olympic ticket sales closes this weekend, there is a message of hope for the thousands who have slammed down their laptop lids in frustration.
Those who have failed to get tickets for London 2012 – the majority of sports fans who tried – will soon get another opportunity to watch the action in the Olympic Park.

Noel Thatcher, a veteran of six Games, believes there will be an even better sporting experience next year at the Paralympics, tickets for which go on sale on September 9.

“If you want to see great spectacle and razzmatazz go to the Olympics, if you want to see great sport with a capital S and see achievement, go to the Paralympics,” said Thatcher, a 5k and 10k runner who competed from 1984 to 2004 and won five Paralympic golds.

“I have no qualms saying that. It might upset some people at LOCOG [the London Organising Committee], but there is very little money there in the Paralympics, very little overt corporate financial overtones. “It is pure sport and, from the human interest point of view, you cannot fail to be moved by it. (more…)