Ambassador for the Sports Legacy Fund

Noel joined the Vision team in 2010 as an ambassador for the Sports Legacy Fund.

He says “I don’t see barriers, (literally, hence the scars!) and want to help blind and VI children and adults reach their goals whatever they may be, through giving them the opportunity to, if not win medals in sport, then win them in life.”

Noel was born with Optic Atrophy, a degenerative condition affecting the optic nerve affecting all areas of the visual field, close and distant. A bit like looking at a snowy old TV signal, I think (difficult to explain when you have never known any different).

He attended regular infants school where he had to carry a specially made desk between lessons which really helped him fit right in!

Between the ages of 10-18 he attended Exhall Grange School in Coventry, a school for VI and blind children.

Forced to run as part of school system, he hated it! He was caught smoking age 12 and forced to run 5 miles a night for 1 month. This “training” led him to finish 3rd in school cross country and the rest is a matter of public record.

Noel made his International debut at 17, winning a silver medal in the European championships 400m. Since then he has spent 21 years running around in circles all over the world, taking part in 6 Paralympic Games, winning a total of Five Gold medals including a “double” of 5000m/10,000m in Atlanta in 1996. This led to being awarded an MBE by the Queen in the 1997 New Years honours list. (more…)